A Room Beyond

Are you ready to solve a mysterious criminal case in a foreign fantasy world?

Games by René Bühling

A Room Beyond

Dive into a novel story of crime, mystery and life-philosophy in a dark world of Victorian fantasy.

New! Free Demo Unity

Agnus Dei

Experimental demo for a myst-like exploration game.


Experimental Unity


Explore a foreign ecosystem and a fantasy culture in the universe “Quintarium”.


Studies GameStudio A8

Bob, the Bean

Can you guide a coffee bean throught a dangerous kitchen labyrinth in this 3D jump and run game?



King of Carwash

Challenge your friends by cleaning the highest amount of cars in limited time!




Can you compete the community at the slotmachine in a virtual casino?



Paragraph Jungle

Your office software now comes with a casual game! Take a break and beat your score by matching color groups!



Funky Monkey

Make the monkey jump to catch items in a rain of fruit. But beware the tiger!




Guide the character towards the level exit by utilizing the natural environment.


Free Flash

Black Attack!

Is your eye sight good enough to find pairs of same-colored socks?


Free GameMaker

Tadzio’s Island

Help the hero to find his boyfriend who was captured by a hippo lady!

Free GameMaker

Frog Pond

Catch as many flies as possible to get a chance for a real world price.


Harry Blum got zapped!

Explore a classic point and click adventure with clay motion look and feel.


Studies c++

Death at Polar Sea

Solve a paranormal crime at an arctic excursion in this Agatha Christie inspired point and click adventure!



Exotic Dreams

A greedy tiger aims world dominance! Can you solve all puzzles in his wicked palace to save the paralized village population?


The Gardens of Horus 2

Help the cute spirit to save his kidnapped girlfriend by finding your way through the labyrinth. Re-Implementation of “The Gardens of Horus” for publication.



The Gardens of Horus

Well, this was my very first game project in the mid-1990s. Pure nostalgia!